40 – Live From A.O. Scott’s Lawn, It’s the Death of Adulthood

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Oh, Say, Can You See? That They’re Talking About Kevin Smith Too?

This week, Katey’s gone AWOL, so it’s up to returning champion Matt Patches to set the tone for the show. Patches wants to talk about A.O. Scott’s New York Times essay on the death of adulthood (LINK), then he wants to discuss The Star-Spangled Banner in honor of it’s 200th anniversary. Then, in honor of Tusk, Kevin Smith’s new horror film that Patches has seen, it’s back to the Kevin Smith well to check in: what do we all think about the Askew View of this now Tusk and Red State filmmaker? That plus a lightning round question about confusing movies.

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00:00 – 01:00: Lightning Round: Confusing movies

01:00  – 01:31:   Intro: Welcome To Episode 40! 

01:31 – 15:49:  Patche’s Tidbit: A.O. Scott’s The Death Of Adulthood Essay

15:49 – 20:47 – Mini-Segment: We Want More Range

20:47 – 43:10 – Segment 3 – David and Patches from Toronto International Film Festival

43:10 – 46:47  Outro


This week’s music:

“Open Letter to the Older Generation” by Dick Clark

“The Star-Spangled Banner” by US Army

“Tusk” by Fleetwood Mac


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