39 – M-O-O-N: That Spells TIFF 2014

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Randall Canadian Flagg

This week, Patches and David have decamped to the Toronto International Film Festival and bring us a Segment 3 report through droopy, tired eyes. Back in the War Room, Katey, Joanna and Da7e discuss Katey’s revisiting Stephen King’s The Stand and it’s troubled road to a film adaptation. Also, each of the three picks a young actor they wish would get to show more range. All that plus a pitiful Lighting Round question.

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00:00 – 00:43: Lightning Round: Embarrassing Performances

00:43  – 01:42:   Intro: Welcome To Episode 39! 

01:42 – 14:24:  Katey’s Tidbit: Stephen King’s The Stand

14:24 – 20:41 – Mini-Segment: We Want More Range

20:41 – 45:57 – Segment 3 – David and Patches from Toronto International Film Festival

45:57 – 48:52  Outro


This week’s music:

“Stand Up” by Ludacris

“O Canada” by Orlando Philharmonic



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