Happy July – Tomorrow We Wrap A STORM OF SPOILERS!

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The Hiatus is dark and full of terrors.

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 2nd, we’ll close out this cycle of A STORM OF SPOILERS, the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire podcast with a wrap-up episode featuring Da7e, Joanna and Neil.

We’ll be integrating your responses to THE KINGSMOOT, so jump over there if you know what that is.

Also, if talking fantasy TV is your thing, Da7e and Joanna will be doing that for Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra series at RepublicCityDispatch.com. It’s serious talk like A STORM OF SPOILERS, but applied to an animated show. It’s nice, and, you know, a reason for Joanna and Da7e to talk on Skype during the off season.

Until tomorrow – Coldheart, Stonehands, Can’t Lose, On a Boat, Beatles in Westeros, etc.

Here’s Emma Watson photoshopped onto the Iron Throne because – dangit – the Queen didn’t sit down.


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