33 – If You Love Something…Demand A 5-Year Release Schedule?

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Plus Comic-Con 2014 Wrap-Up and More Lucy

This week, Katey, Da7e, Patches and David managed to all stay out of San Diego during Comic Con which puts us in the unenviable position of sorting out what was cool and what wasn’t purely out of the news that made it out on the internet. Then: David’s absence during last week’s Lucy review was felt, especially when you hear his real opinions about the ScarJo action flick. Finally: Will bundling intellectual properties into megafranchises butt-up against an ever rabid fandom and destroy the blockbuster as we know it? Da7e says yes.

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00:00 – 00:43: Lightning Round: Odd Love

00:43  – 01:12:   Intro: Welcome To Episode 33! 

01:12 – 13:37:  Da7e’s Tidbit: Good Stuff From San Diego Comic-Con 2014

13:37 – 21:16 – Mini-Segment: David On Lucy

21:16 – 42:55 – Segment 3 – MegaIP v. Fandom: Dawn of JustUs

42:55 – 46:03  Outro


This week’s music:

“Lucy” by Hanson

“I Love It”  by Icona Pop

“Old Man River” performed by Paul Robeson


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