OpKino Classic: Storytelling Quarter Quell (Aug 10th 2012)

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Guess what? We’re coming up on our first Fighting In The War Room Quarter Quell!

What is a Quarter Quell?

For fans of The Hunger Games book series, a Quarter Quell takes place every 25 years and something about those Hunger Games is different. In Catching Fire, the movie and the book, the Quarter Quell features a culling from the surviving tributes and…now this has nothing to do with the podcast.

A podcast Quarter Quell represents a break in our usual format. Every 25 episodes, Katey, Patches, David and Da7e stop talking about current pop culture and cover a topic/movie that let’s you know a bit more about the four of them as people.

It’s humanizing, like naming a cow before the slaughter. Especially this Storytelling Quarter Quell, which might be our best. You decide!

Leading up to Fighting In The War Room 25 (June 3rd!), we’ll be seeding our previous Quarter Quells under that other podcast name.


This week, we’re changing up the format for our third Quarter Quell, celebrating our 75th episode by revisiting movies from our past that come with a particularly good story attached. No tidbits this week, no dessert, just a lightning round then storytelling, in which Katey revisits a rainy night in Amsterdam spent watching Charade, Da7e recounts multiple trips to see South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Patches has a particularly strong memory attached to X2: X-Men United, and David is inspired to conduct his own secret tour of Tokyo based on Lost in Translation.


00:00-00:44 Lightning Round

01:07 – 3:05 Introductions and Quarter Quell explained

4:47 – 12:38 Charade and a rainstorm in Amsterdam, by Katey

14:28 – 25:23 South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut and growing up in Colorado, by Da7e

26:31 – 36:14 X2: X-Men United and high school memories, by Patches

37:42 – 52:30 Lost in Translation and a secret tour of Tokyo, by David

52:30 – 55:18 Farewells

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