Review – We’ve Transcended Inside Your Podcast-Listening Device

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Plus Your Suggestions For A 90s Movie That Should Be A TV Show.

This week, Katey and Patches go one step further by uploading their consciousnesses directly into the iTunes feed. It’s the only way to properly review Transcendence, the Johnny Depp-in-a-computer thriller from Christopher Nolan’s longtime DP, Wally Pfister. Is the movie downloading at 100 Mbps or stuck on the pinwheel of death? We click on every folder on Transcendence’s hard drive, even the password protected spoiler section (because Katey has a burning question and she’s looking for your answers). All this and your answers to our lightning round question on which ’90s movie deserves a TV show treatment a la Fargo.

Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us: follow the show (@FITWR), Patches (@misterpatches) and Katey (@KateyRich) on Twitter.

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This week’s music:

“Digital Love” by Daft Punk
“Mambo #5” by Lou Bega
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