019 – Sometimes I’m A Teenager, Sometimes I’m An Intern With Griffin Newman

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Plus RICH WEDDING COUNTDOWN and Rick and Morty!

This week, Katey, Patches, Da7e and David realize Katey’s wedding is upon us and decide to talk a few Marriage Movies, starting with 1940’s The Philadelphia Story. Then, Da7e makes a quick monologue encouraging you to catch Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty (he seriously thinks it’s the best show currently airing).  FINALLY, Griffin Newman, hot off his newest appearance as “Rick the Intern” in Ivan Reitman’s Draft Day  joins us for a segment about Kevin Costner’s band, how Jennifer Garner smells and what part he might be playing in Star Wars: Episode VII. All that plus THE MOST IMPORTANT LIGHTNING ROUND QUESTION OF THE YEAR.

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00:00 – 01:11: Lightning Round: 90s Movies to TV!

01:11  – 01:45:   Intro: Welcome To Episode 19! 

01:45- 12:11:   Rich Wedding Countdown: The Philadelphia Story

12:12 – 18:33 – Mini-Segment: Da7e Says: “Watch Rick and Morty”

18:33 – 49:19 – Segment 3 – Special Guest Griffin Newman from Draft Day! 

49:19 – 53:14  Outro


This week’s music:

“Rick and Morty (remix)” by ABSRDST

“Opening” from Draft Day OST by John Debney

1000 Pieces of Light” by Jess

Griffin Newman

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