001 – You Won’t Believe What This Bombastic Podcast Says About Musicals

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Or, How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Pharrell

Welcome to the first official episode of Fighting in the War Room! This week the gang’s all here to talk about musicals and movies that revolve around music, whether there’s a difference and whether the likes of Frozen and Les Miserables are keeping the musical alive. We keep the music theme for a discussion of new interactive music videos from Pharrell and Bob Dylan, then get quizzed by Patches on movie taglines that have been put through the Upworthy spin cycle. All that plus a lightning round devoted to the biggest cinematic turkeys of 2013.

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00:00-01:29 Lightning Round: Turkeys

01:30 – 03:09 Intro: Welcome to Episode 1. 

03:10 -14:25 Katey’s tidbit: Bob Dylan, Pharrell and Interactive Music Videos

14:26 – 20:11 Mini-segment: Upworthy Movie Titles

20:12 – 43:50 Segment 3: Musicals and Movies That Have Music

43:51 – 47:27 Goodbye!


This week’s music:

“Bluto’s Speech” from Animal House
“Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim
Hold the Line” by Major Lazer
1000 Pieces of Light” by Jess



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