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Thought Bubble #26 – Inside Baseball



A podcast about Comics Pop Culture!

Hello FITWR listeners, Republic City Dispatch fanatics and Storm of Spoilers/Cast of Kings fantasy nerds, we’re back for more comics discussion!

New comics enthusiast Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood and The Station Agents podcast is joined by a guy who may have learned some facts about Daredevil Season 2 this week,  Da7e Gonzales of, and, to answer YOUR comic book questions.

No matter your level of engagement, if you’re interested in comic books and their surrounding pop culture, this show’s for you!

THIS WEEK: Joanna and Da7e took a week off to record an episode of STORM OF SPOILERS, so this week they are back and have comparatively A LOT of comics to talk about. Seriously, prepare for over 20 minutes at the top that is just about comic books. THEN, because of the Marvel brain trust shake-up and some comments by Steven Spielberg and Emma Thompson, Joanna takes the muzzle off of Da7e who gets way too into discussing how he knows more than both of those artistic geniuses. As per usual, no one is changing their opinion, but Da7e gets to yell about it.

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Episode Links:

Joanna on the Marvel shake-up

Joanna on Steven Spielberg’s quote

Emma Thompson’s quote

This week’s closing track is “Do You Feel It?” by Chaos Chaos and – yes – it was also in Rick and Morty last month.

85 – One Day You Wake Up Old and the Best TV Adaptation Series is Behind You


And a short bit on Wes Craven’s greatness

Katey is back with Da7e, Patches and David and not only did she survive her vacation, she survived the VMAs. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards had Da7e feeling old and Miley Cyrus comes up. We lost Wes Craven this weekend, so everyone takes a moment to reminisce about the man who mastered horror for over three decades. Finally, NBC’s Hannibal aired what was probably its series finale and Da7e who has read all the Thomas Harris books thinks the TV show might be the best adaptation ever.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: West 2020

01:16 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 85!  REVIEW!

03:41 –  Tidbit: Did this year’s VMAs make you feel old?

19:59 – Mini Segment: RIP Wes Craven

26:12 –  Segment 3: Hannibal and Adaptations of books

45:05 – Outro

Music Breaks 



Seg 3

STORM OF SPOILERS – #CleganeBowl and Other Obsessions



With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales from and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects!


If you’re looking for spoiler-free dissection of the highest caliber, or planning to join a READ ALONG in the fall, you’re looking for A CAST OF KINGS (click there)

This podcast includes some occasional cussing, but all three hosts are alive at the end of it. Even if one is wearing sunglasses and looks to be manipulated by wires.

SURPRISE! It seemed like just enough had happened in the world of Game of Thrones to bring y’all a new episode. Joanna, Da7e and Neil take on the new casting rumors, nail down who Ian McShane is going to be playing, then use their combined knowledge to guess what Season 6 of the show is going to look like. Assuming we’ll be getting a new book next year, what can we learn from who is currently in Belfast, sets that are being torn down and actors making coy hints? Just to warn you: Weekend at Bernie’s is discussed. This has been your Weekend at Bernie’s trigger warning.

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A Storm of Spoilers theme by schädel

This week’s closing track:



84 – Summer Movie Season in Review


And is the new Carly Rae Jepsen all we needed it to be?

David and Da7e and Patches/Said are BROCASTING once again as Katey goes on vacation. Patches happened to be driving this week, which got him wondering if summer music is easier than blockbuster summer film. Then, Da7e smokes a J while Patches and David debate the merits of the Max Landis written American Ultra. Finally, all three guys go through the massive Summer Movie Season of 2015 and wonder just how everything worked so well and if it was all worth it.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Genre Romances!

01:20 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 84!  REVIEWS!

06:35 –  Tidbit: Is Summer Music easier than Summer Movies?

21:13 – Mini Segment: Patches Defends American Ultra

29:27 –  Segment 3: Summer Movie Season 2015

01:01:55 – Outro

Music Breaks 



Seg 3